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EditWrx 6:
Version 6
EditWrx 7 is the most professional browser-based wysiwyg editor available.

EditWrx is designed to give the site designer control while allowing other users safe editing capabilities. A robust backup system is built-in with roll-back previews and roll-back overwrites.

With advanced features not found on other wysiwyg editors, EditWrx is compatible with Explorer-7+, Chrome-8+, Firefox-3+, Safari-3+, and Opera-9+, (Windows & Mac) producing W3C compliant code for HTML/XHTML markup. EditWrx can install on Linux/Apache or Windows/IIS servers.

EditWrx can edit plain html pages, or pages containing dynamic content like drop-down menus, flash, or server-side includes without mangling the dynamic content. EditWrx uses block editing concepts with editblocks, userblocks, includeblocks, and excludeblocks to control what can be edited on a page, and who can edit it.

See the Features page for a list of tools that are not found on other wysiwyg editors!
EditWrx does not use pop-up windows
EditWrx uses dockable widgets
EditWrx advanced features
Reduced size to 70%
Although site owners can use EditWrx to maintain their website, EditWrx is built to give a site designer control over editing done by users who have no experience with HTML or web design.

Designer Features:

Desktop software design. Manage a website as if it was in a program on your desktop instead of through a webpage-like interface.
3 basic types of users:
User can edit any page on website
User can edit only a list of pages
User can edit only pages inside of a folder tree.
Full control over what tools and features are available to each user from an Admin Control Panel. The "admin" can also control if a user can create new folders, delete folders, delete files, or rename files.
Limit users to using only a set of site-wide colors or, a full range of colors using built-in ColorPad.
Insert images, audio, tables, forms submitted to email, image galleries, image slide-shows, SWF Flash, site search engine.
Optionally allow users HTML source code editing in limited parts of a page.

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