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EditWrx 6:
Version 6
Change Log:

This update fixes an error that repeats the login prompt code when saving after editing in full page mode. The fix will not only prevent that repetition but will also remove any repeats that have already been added to your pages in error. The code at issue here is the iframe generated by the javascript prompt tag, not the javascript prompt tag itself.

This update fixes an error in thumbnail/popups in the Image Widget. The code error prevents the thumbnail from opening the popup image and was the restult of recent browser changes. You may want to review any existing thumbnail/popups you have to see if they are still working - if not, apply this update and recreate the thumbnail/popups.

This update allows use of folder/directory names containing spaces. File name still must not contain spaces.

This is major fix to the 7.06.20140423 update which broke the login prompt for Explorer. This fix allows the new iframe based login prompt to work on Explorer using Compatability View

This is a minor fix to the 7.06.20140423 update

This update changes how the login prompt from pages works. Currently the login prompt is a div embedded into the page. This update creates an iframe for the login prompt to display in, thereby isolating the login prompt from styles used for the page's layout that could also distort the login prompt layout.

This is a security update.

The Head Content widget does not reload the page after edits are saved. This update automatically reloads the page. There is a new notice on the page to save any unsaved edits to the page before saving the head content changes.

If you are saving a log of edits, this update adds two new Custom Features setting date format and time offset. This update also adds a check to ensure that the closing comment for editblocks exists and alerts that no edits were saved if the comment was not in the page's code.

If you turn the editor off and click a target link to a target that is below the screen the toolbar would shift upwards as the page scrolled. This update fixes that problem.

Update adds a Custom Feature. Add noIEundoredo=1 to /txts/custom.txt to activate automatically removing the Undo & Redo tools for IE since they do not work for IE. The update also adds a note about removing and resizing an image after it has been inserted into the page.

This update allows type 5 & 6 users to automatically load their default home page if they use autologin.

This update introduces a new method to preserve non-english characters in pages. After running the update, to activate the new method, open /editor/txts/custom.txt and add not_escape=1 to the file. To inactivate the method, change that 1 to a 0 or remove the variable from custom.txt. If your installation is already functioning as desired, do the update but do not activate the method.

Relative URLs were not working for single thumbnail galleries. This update fixes that. In addition, the definition for the relative and absolute url settings in Custom Features was misleading. The editor's default url scheme is virtual, setting either relative or absolute over-rides that behavior, leaving both unselected produces virtual urls. A path problem for some Unix servers is repaired for the Site Search tool. Userblocks can now be edited with the Edit HTML Code tool. An HTML or Style type border set on an image can now be swapped to the other type on the Image Properties.

The help on the toolbar now opens a video tutorial viewer. Each tool on the user's toolbar has a video tutorial that can be played in that viewer. The videos are hosted on our server. The video tutorials are also available from the admin login.

This update adds back in a tool for inserting video and inserting thumbnails that open videos. The original tool was removed on 02/17/2012. That tool used a free service at movietovideo.com to convert movie files into video files within the tool. The site movietovideo.com discontinued that service. This new tool uses a free service at convertfiles.com, or any other conversion tool of your choice, to convert movie files into video files - but does so outside the tool as as separate process. The url to convertfiles.com is a link available from inside the tool itself.

The Head & Body Tags tool now has an Apply Changes button so that changes to Body and Head styles can be viewed before saving the changes. A background image for the page can be removed from the body by leaving the Background Image field empty.

Windows servers that have not been able to do auto-updates will now be able to if the cause was a Windows server setting preventing processing submissions from a virtual browser (LWP) (Servers with I/O Sockets disabled will still not be able to do auto-updates.)

It has been possible to give the containing folder an illegal Unix permission if the SaveAs url had the trailing slash to the default url mistakenly removed instead of adding a file name. This update prevents that from happening.

This update adds a button to the first admin login screen to open an Admin Manual. The update also has display changes for image galleries - centering the Single-Thumbnail image display and adding Next & Prior arrows to the Multi-Thumbnail's displat titlebar.

This update corrects a display problem for image galleries that pushed the gallery to the left one space per row added. The update also corrects an error when resizing/renaming images that stripped out the period before the image extension if the image name included the illegal space character. Also, the display for the gallery is now centered in the page instead of to the left.

Security Update
After this update passwords entered for login will be encrypted by the browser before being sent to the server for validation. This update guarantees that passwords are not passed between browser and server in plain text. In addition, the update establishes an authentication token at login that is validated before any changes to files on the server can be written. The update also now makes the editor compatible with Apache's SecFilterScanPOST security module.

This update adds a new Custom Feature. The feature prevents users from saving an edit that includes an embedded inline image from a copy/paste from a word processor, etc. The user is prompted to save the image locally, upload it, and use the Image Widget tool instead. The trigger is the presence of a src="data:image... in any image tag on the page - even outside of editblocks. If the feature is set to "no" in the admin Custom Features (or not set at all) the feature is inactive.

The editor is designed so that images, tables and links added to the page by the designer are not adjustable by the editor's Properties Widget for the element (activated by double clicking the element.) unless the designer expressly adds a class="editable" to the element. Only images, tables and links added by the editing user can use the Properties Widget for adjustments. This design allows the designer to preserve elements added for design, while giving the editing user full access to elements added by the user as content. This design has been broken by an earlier update, allowing any image, table or link to be adjusted if any one element contained the class="editable" attribute. This update restores the original design concept.

This update adds a new section to the admin screens - Custom Features. Depending on your server's operating system, up to 36 custom features are available for tweaking how the editir works. The features are activated installation wide rather than on a user basis. Running and saving the admin Custom Features will add all 36 features to your /txts/custom.txt file. If you already have a particular feature, your custom setting will be preserved, otherwise each feature will be added with it's default setting. Most users will have no use for any of the Custom Features, but you may want to review them in the admin login and activate features you did not know were available. New Custom Features may be added on future updates.

The Create Video feature is no longer available. The movie files uploaded were being converted to FLV video by a free service at movietovideo,com. That service is no longer available. The Create Video feature is removed by this update. Any videos created by the feature prior to this update will continue to function.

The date comparison routine for dated licenses has an error in it that affects only the first 9 days of the year, creating an alert that the license will expire in something like 18107800 days. This update corrects that error.

Scanning software used by Godaddy and others incorrectly identifies a cross-site scripting vulnerability for the editor. This update will remove the return for that scanning that causes the software to erroneously assume a vulnerability. The software tests for scripting code being injected into a webpage by a third party. However, the code that can be injected by the test is into an error response from the server AFTER the server has REJECTED the attempt to inject the code into a webpage. That response has been modified to make the injection in the error response benign.

Prior to this update, double clicking a link inside of a table cell would cause both the link-edit and table-edit widgets to appear. With this update the link-edit widget will appear only if the link is double clicked, and the table-edit widget will appear if the table cell is clicked instead of the link in the table cell.

This update adds target options to the Edit Link Widget opened by double clicking a link. For non-English language versions, there are changes to the incs/lang/en/editLinker.txt & incs/lang/en/getLinker.txt files.

With this update you can create custom link classes and apply them to links created by the editor. For examlpe: a class a.green:link {color:#00ff00} on the page would appear in the Apply Class menu on the Link Widget and set class="green" to the link, making the link color green (over-riding any default link color).

The captcha image on editor produced forms has been failing on CentOS 5 servers. This update corrects that by changing the STDOUT stream to binmode.

This update makes the editor compatible with Internet Explorer 9. In addition, if text files are mistakenly uploaded via FTP in binary mode, the editor can now read those files.

This updates alerts a user on Explorer 9 to use Compatibility Mode. Inserting images, tables and forms will not work on Explorer 9, now that Explorer has "sort of" become compatible with other browsers.

(1) This upade adds a new widget. Double click a link in an editable area to change the link's URL and/or Tool Tip. (2) A new option is now available for the Image Widget. If your server supports ImageMagick or the GD LIbrary, and if theb image is a JPG format, the option appears on the Resize tab. The option sets the quality/byte size of the image. You can reduce the byte size by setting the image quality to a lower percentage. To just reduce an image's byte size, resize without changing the width & height. Click the Properties tool at the top of the widget to view the image's File Size. (3) If your server supports the LWP agent, updates are done using a new, faster, method. If your updates are failing to change files, download and manually install the entire /incs folder from http://www.gphrs.com/updater/download_editwrx_install.cgi to get this update and correct the update problem - if your server supports LWP.

This update adds a Remove button to the Table Tab on the Table Properties widget. The button will remove the entire selected table from the page.

For lang files there are new variables in the /inc/lang/en/editTable.txt file.

The previous update triggered a silent error that prevented the Image Property widget from opening when an image in an editable area is double clicked. This update repairs that error.

This update changes the way widget widths are set for uniformity accross browsers. Also, if you add noTableCellWord=1 to /txts/custom.txt, table cells will no longer get the word CELL inserted to cells when they are created.

After this update, if you use $demo=1 to put the installation in DEMO MODE, you can also create a demo license for the installation. In /txts/license.txt enter the domain name and a colon and the word "demo". For example, domain.com:demo would be a demo license for a demo installation at domain.com. The setting demo=1 still needs to be set in either txts/custom.txt or edit.cgi for this license to work.

The Head & Body widget has been completely reworked. There are 3 tabs now for setting Meta tags, Body Styles, and External Stylesheets. The Site Setup has a new setting to determine which of these tabs are available to users. Body styles and pseudo A classes can be added to the head section. Stylesheets from the domain can be added or removed from a page (multiple stylesheets can be added). If you want stylesheets that can not be removed, add a query string (?) not_removable to the href of the stylesheet in it's LINK tag. When adding stylesheets or Body styles/pseudoClasses, the last instructions added take preference over any others in the head section of the page. Language files headContent.txt, getTollbar.txt, getLinker.txt, and adminLogin.txt contain changes.

The Site Search would not return correct URLs if the search page was located inside of the search area. This update fixes that.

The Add New User function was not adding the new user's email address to txts/emails.txt so users could reset their password. This update corrects that.

Although use of body tag attributes are offically deprecated, they can be set in the Head & Body tag widget. This update removes setting margins by body tag attribute, since setting them in the body is no longer recognized by current browsers.

This update extends the 7.03.20100911 update to apply borders to cells inside of the tables.

By default most flash objects on a page are set wmode=window instead of wmode=transparent. Widgets end up behind the fash objects. The editor automatically resets the flash parameters to wmode=transparent. This update will also reset flash parameters to wmode=transparent for the Login Prompt (Enter x 3)

By default only tables created by the editor get borders and "handles". This update adds a new option to admin>Site Setup. The option allows you to apply borders and handles to all tables in an editable area, including tables pre-existing in the source code.

This update allows the Link Widget to list anchors outside of any editblocks as well as to anchors inside of editblocks. Links to anchors can be made from any anchor in the select menu list. After this update, add no_backup=1 to /txts/custom.txt to tell the editor to not display the "Save backup before saving new edits" checkbox on the Save Widget.

The version 7.03.20100719 update made setting cell width inoperative. This update fixes that problem. By default, tables are inserted with width=100 & height=100. To get fixed cell width to work, open the Table tab and click the Table Width Fixed with no number in the field to allow cells to set the width.

This update changes how links outside of editable areas are handled by all type users. By default, links on the page outside of editable areas will be active - clicking them will load the linked page in the editor, any unsaved edits will be lost. To change this behavior, add disableHref=1 to the /txts/custom.txt file. That will disable ALL links on the page regardless of the type of user. The disableHref=1 is global and will effect all pages loaded into the editor. Once a link outside of an editable area has been disabled it will remain disabled whether the editing on/off icon is set to on or off.

This update changes how border color is set on the Table Properties Widget so that the color can be set both before or after the size and style are set. This update also adds support for the GD Library for image manipulation - if the GM.pm is also installed on the server. ImageMagick remains the default software to use if it is available.

This update fixes a Popup feature on the Insert Image Widget for Explorer browser

The Popup feature on the Insert Image Widget is repaired with this update. This update also adds Firefox to the list of 4 browsers that can insert Captcha on the Form Widget.

If the file edit.cgi was named any other name it was causing a problem for multi-file uploads, gallery uploads, form creations and captcha. This update corrects those problems.

An excludeblock inside of an include file that is in an includeblock has been losing the content of the excludeblock. This update fixes that. For installations running on non-suexec enabled servers the SaveAs was not setting 666 permissions on new files. That is corrected by this update.

Stylesheets on a page from another domain have been causing Mozilla and Webkit browsers to not load the toolbar because of security. While using ?no_access on the stylesheet's href will fix that problem, this update will tell the editor to automatically ignore all stylesheets from other domains.

The shadow behind pop-up videos (inserted with the Create Video widget) hangs up after the video is closed. This was due to a typo that is corrected by this update. This update also activates the Insert Video Only tab on that widget for Firefox browsers.

This adds a select menu to the Create New User Setup which contains all current users names - selecting a user will fill in the new user with the selected user's options. This function is optional. Foreign language users should update new variables (text75,text76,text77,text78,folderalert,filealert) in the lang file adminLogin.txt. This also adds a new custom feature. Adding noEmailPassword=1 to /txts/custom.txt will remove the Send New Password checkbox from login prompts.

This adds a slideshow feature to the Image Widget. Multiple thumbnails can target an existing image, replacing the image's src when clicked.

When rewriting a page to insert editblocks for DreamWeaver editable areas the page's header was minged - this update corrects that. The loading response time of the Image Widget has been streamlined. Firefox would lose track of what type of user was logged in if you logged out as one type and logged in as another type - that has been corrected.

This update adds a widget for inserting content copied from a word processor. the widget removes all HTML except line breaks from the content. Non-English versions will find changes in lang files (insertWord, insertHtml, userHelp, adminLogin & getToolbar).
The update also makes changes to how the Image Widget handles inserting off-site images.

With this update type 3&4 users (file restricted) will be able to see all text files in the Open A Page widget, but only files they are allowed to edit will be clickable for loading in the editor.

This update will automatically set any Flash on the page to wmode=transparent so that the Flash will not show through the widgets. The update will als0 replace spaces or % 20 characters with underscores in file names that are uploaded.

This update fixes an error that prevented saving to includes that had either an underscore (_) or dash (-) in the file name

This update allows nested classes to be added to the href tag. Example: a.link-more. Also, Firefox was unable to read and fill in meta descriptions and keywords - that has been fixed.

This update adds a list to the Site Setup for Extensions To Exclude from file lists. This adds 2 new variables (text73 & text74) in /lang/en/adminLogin.txt for those offering translated versions.

After this update you can add noRememberPassword=1 to /txts/custom.txt to remove the Remember Password and Send Password checkboxes from logins. Currently the editor will rewrite a page containing dynamic co9ntent, enclosing that content in an excludeblock. After this update this rewrite will not occur if there are any editblocks also on the page.

This update adds a Editable Table Cell Border field to Site Setup in the admin login so those border colors can be changed for dark page websites. This adds a new variable (text72=Editable Table Cell Border) in /lang/en/adminLogin.txt for those offering translated versions.

This update allows you to change the vertical position of the Login Prompt. To use, edit /editor/txts/custom.txt by adding prompt_top=100 to set the prompt 100px from ther top (the number you use will determine the position). Setting prompt_top=middle will position the prompt half way between the top and bottom of the page.

Links outside of editblocks and includeblocks were changed to javascript:void() prior to this update. This update changes those links only for type 2, 4,and 6 users (users limited to editing only in side blocks). Type 1, 3 and 5 will have live links on the page outside of editblock and includeblocks.

Currently a robot could submit an editor created form by sending the action only. The email contents would include only the doSubmission query string on the action. This update requires the submission to contain additional fields, preventing these annoying emails.

Update contains a fix for table editing if ?no_access is used on an external stylesheet href to prevent cataloging of the stylesheet. Update also fixes adding table cells and rows for Firefox.

Add "exclude_folders=comma_separated_list_of_folders" to /txts/custom.txt will prohibit listing the folders in file dialog lists. Example: exclude_folders=editor,private would keep users from entering the editor and private folders.

Update includes 1) Support for https editing. 2) Adding body_attributes=1 to txts/custom.txt will add inserting html attributes to the body tag in the Meta & Title Tags widget. 3) Support for SMTP email for Windows servers. Windows installations have new prompts on admin Site Setup to configure authentication with SMTP server.

This update adds a Tool Tip field to the Link Widget to define the link for the visitor.

The editor can now automatically insert editblock tags inside of Dreamweaver's InstanceBeginEditable-InstanceEndEditable tags. A Mail::Sendmail.pm is now installed automatically so Windows servers can send mail.

This update will allow for a percentage width for images when using Image Properties. The HTML Tags To Lowercase is extended to apply to editblocks as well as full page editing

This update adds a Class menu to the Link Widget for applying a class to a link if classes are available on the page

This update adds the ability to save images and links with relative URL. To activate the feature, you must add relative_urls=1 to a line in /editor/txts/custom.txt. Beware, Firefox can only produce relative URLs, other browsers produce virtual urls by default.

this update also automatically sends a "HTTP/1.0 200 OK" header for installations on IIS servers that atr running Perl.dll instead of Perl.exe. If you already have print "HTTP/1.0 200 OK\n" added to edit.cgi you must remove it after this update.

When the editor first opens a page that contains either JavaScript or Flash in the body, it will now prompt to automatically rewrite the page enclosing those areas in excludeblocks.

Explorer 8 can not disable editing of an excludeblock. A prompt will now alert the user to use Compatibility View to disable excludeblocks. Edits to excludeblocks will not be written to the file if Compatibility View is left off.

The pages displayed in file lists has been modified. By default on all new installs, all pages will be editable for all types of users. For TYPE 2,4, and 6 - pages that have no TITLE or no BODY tag will be editable by changing edit_non_titled_pages=1 & edit_non_body_pages=1 to values of zero in txts/custom.txt. In existing installations you will need to add edit_non_titled_pages=1 & edit_non_body_pages=1 to txts/custom.txt to keep these pages editable. All pages will be editable for TYPE 1, 3, and 5.

Userblocks have not been working correctly. This update corrects that. http://www.gphrs.com/editor_files/features.html

In Explorer the ColorPad widget has not allowed users to enter a hexidecimal color manually. This update repairs that.

Add New User was working correctly only on Explorer. This update fixes the function to work on Safari, Chrome and Opera browsers. Firefox has a broken windows object array that prevents using this function on Firefox.

Demo Mode now blocks all login from edit.cgi. Adding no_email_password_change=1 to /txts/custom.txt will prevent logins from displaying the "Send New Password" checkbox. The Audio Widget has been changed, it now runs a flash player that plays the audio file. The editor has been optimized for Safari 4 browser for Windows and Mac.

Rename folder has been added to the Open Page Widget. This feature must be turned on in admin>User Setup

The Audio Widget now has the ability to insert auto-start sound files instead of just sound files with start and stop links.

There is a new custom feature for limiting the size of uploaded files. In txts/custom.txt add max_image_upload_size=400x400 to limit uploads to 400x400. Change 400x400 to any width-x-height you want. This feature only works on file uploads (not on gallery uploads) and only if your server supports Image::Magick.

Adding toolbar_on_bottom=1 to txts/custom.txt will move the toolbar to the bottom of the browser window.

The Image Properties will now adjust height & width if the settings were set using style attributes rather than tag attributes. This adds a new tool for Password Protection. It uses Apache's htaccess feature and will only work on Apache servers.

Folder restricted users are now allowed to insert the Site Search tool. Since a Folder Restricted (types 3&4) are restricted to their folder, the search tool cannot search outside of their folder's path.

Major Update. This adds language files for none English versions. Also added is a tool for embedding audio files and an author-publisher system. The author-publisher is explained at http://www.gphrs.com/editor_files/features.html#authpub. This update also adds a Description button on User Setup that describes the tools to help in chosing tools for the user.

This addresses problems introduced by Explorer 8 for the Open File, Insertt Image and Insert Flash widgets. It also corrects an error for the Image Properties manager widget that prevented resizing an image once it was saved on the page.

This corrects a problem displaying folder/file lists that occurred after Safari updates 3.2.2 & Beta 4. The update also adds a new option to admin Site Setup for servers using the AddDefaultCharset UTF-8 setting. Following this update, updates will originate from gphrs.com.

This adds an "autologin" feature. Consult with your reseller for details.

The "Apply" button was not appearing for non-Explorer browsers on the Font Styles widget. This update fixes that.

This update fixes an problem in finding the sendmail program when sending email

This update allows parent-client domain license management. Consult with your reseller for details.

If Type 5 or 6 ursers did a SaveAs their record in /txts/users.txt was corrupted. This update fixes that.

This update repairs two problems with the Gallery Maker. Large images being uploaded caused the multi-upload to get out of sequence. Certain file type extensions were not being cataloged correctly.

This update enables 4 Special Features. To see how Special Features are activated and what these 4 features do, visit http://www.gphrs.com/editor_files/special.html. The Special Features are: $email_source, $copy_backup, $backup_all, and $log_saves.

If a stylesheet contains an @import to another stylesheet Firefox was failing to load the page because it could not find a selectorText on that import line. This update fixes Firefox's problem

If you want to exclude a stylesheet from the editor's catalog of styles available to widgets, add a ?no_access query to the href of the LINK tag. That will have no effect on loading the stylesheet, it merely tells the editor to ignore reading that stylesheet.

This update also fixes a Firefox display of the login button for the onpage login prompt.

If you fail to enter a file name in the URL on the SaveAs widget the entire folder can be overwritten with nothing. This update prevents the Saveas from proceeding until a file name has been added to the URL.

Fix for a Firefox display of the logins. Fix for saving a page that has no editblocks. Type1,3,&5 users could lose the body tags when saving after the 7.01.20090127 update.

Fix for a bug for type 3 & 4 users to correctly identify the pages the user is allowed to edit. The version number will now appear on the Site Setup admin login.

Fix for a bug in selecting a folder for setting up Folder Restricted users. Change to allow type 1, 3 & 5 users to edit pages that contain no body tags - example: SSI included files.

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