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EditWrx 6:
Version 6
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EditWrx Manual Install
Install EditWrx with FTP
Requires manually setting paths and urls

The install_editor.zip download will
contain a 10 day trial license.

 The zip contains an instructions.txt 
with installation instructions.
Download install_editor.zip
Version: 7.06.20140903
EditWrx Auto-Installer
Install EditWrx with Auto-installer
Auto-installer sets paths and urls

The auto-installer will automatically
create a 10 day trial license.

 The zip contains a readme.txt 
with installation instructions.
Download editor_installer.zip
Version: 7.06.20140903
Browsers And Servers Supported

EditWrx will run on any browser that supports the "contentEditable" attribute. As of July, 2008 that finally includes: Explorer 5+, Firefox 3, Chrome 1, Safari 3, and Opera 9.

EditWrx will run on any Unix or Windows server that supports Perl. EditWrx is normally run from an /editor folder, but may be run from a cgi-bin if your server requires it.
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