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EditWrx 6:
Version 6
Tips & Tricks:

CSS tip:
EditWrxPro will read all of the classes available to the webpage it is editing. This includes style blocks in the page's head section and all external stylesheets. These classes are then available to the Style Fonts widget and other widgets that can apply classes.

A designer may therefore have entire stylesheets that they do not want available to an editing user. You can tell EditWrxPro to completely ignore a stylesheet by adding a ?no_access query string to the HREF in the LINK tag, example:

<link rel=STYLESHEET href="/styles.css?no_access" type="text/css">

The ?no_access query string will have no effect on loading the stylesheet in the browser and acts only as a flag to EditWrxPro.

To take this concept one step further, add the ?no_access to all LINKed stylesheets, and then create one additional stylesheet strictly for editing users and do not add the ?no_access query string to it. Then move the classes you want available to editing users from other stylesheets to this one.

Author/Publisher Setup:

An Author can not save edits to the page they are editing. Edits are instead saved to a file with the word "pending" attached to the file's name.

A Publisher can access an Author's "pending" files and "publish" the page. When a Publisher "publishes" the "pending" file, that file overwrites the existing live file and erases the "pending" file.

In User Setup check Publisher for a user that is a Publisher. In User Setup check Author for a user that is an Author.

Then, on the User Setup screen, select the Publisher in the Manage Author/Publisher area. Enter the info for the Publisher. Then, on the User Setup screen, select the Author in the Manage Author/Publisher area. Enter the info for the Author. Also, select the Publisher for that Author. The Publisher selected will get an email whenever the Author makes an edit saved to a "pending" file.

Whenever a Publisher clicks the tool to list pending pages it will display a list of Author's pending pages that were keyed to that Publisher ijn the above step. A Publisher can have multiple Authors, but each Author can have only one Publisher.
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